C U L T U R E W H Y I S I M P O R T A N T ?

Earth's population 7.3 billion


Looking at the Macro-level there are 195 countries and all of them have different cultures. But, when one looks at a Micro-level then there are multiple cultures within a country.

World Map showing different countries globally

On our beautiful Planet Earth there are thousands of cultures. Everyone comes from some kind of culture; whether, it is modern or ethnic. Together we create global diversity.

Culture is the product of lengthy social evolution, and its gross and essential characteristics cannot be successfully modified by government interventions.

Argues Christopher DeMuth, head of the American Enterprise Institute

The Harvesters - Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Cultures have been shaped over thousand of years and one of the major contributors associated with them are seasons. People react to their environment; according to Darwinian Evolution Theory, only the fittest survive. In order for human race to survive, people have adapted to their environment and have lived a lifstyle that has ensured human survival.

Benefits of diversity

Enhanced learning

According to Cultural Learning Alliance, learning through arts and culture develops skills and behaviour that lead children to do better in school.

Vibrant Society

Creates a community full of talented people with uniqueness. It also encompasses distinct ideas and incorporates more diversified leadership roles for each individual.

Growth in Tourism

According to United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international tourism generated US$ 1.5 trillion in 2015. Cultural heritage being the key driver.

Shaping a Better Culture

A community shapes their culture and it is up to the society to introduce or preserve a culture. In order to make a society diversified, people should be open to change and acceptance of different culutres.

Made by Zain Ali